ecobase Certified helps businesses reduce and track their carbon footprint, while saving thousands of dollars in reduced energy costs, at no cost to the business.

For Hotels & Resorts

hotels-resorts Generate thousands of dollars to invest in projects that will reduce energy costs while creating a green business. Learn more about how we help hotels and resorts. 

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For Restaurants, Pubs & Cafe’s

restaurants-pubs Stop leaving money on the table! Restaurants can save thousands on lighting, hot water, refrigeration and waste, and your customers want to know you’re doing something about sustainability. Learn more about how we can help the food service industry.

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For Retail & Service

retail-and-services Gain some green business credibility while saving money. Every business has opportunities to reduce energy, water and waste costs while moving towards genuine sustainability. Learn how we can help retail and service businesses. 

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  • Predator Ridge Resort
  • Unless Market
  • Best Western
  • Mills Office Productivity
  • At Predator Ridge Resort, we believe that eco-friendly green initiatives should be on the forefront of our mission. Whether it is promoting the use of natural and local products, reducing greenhouse gases or minimizing our consumption of water usage, it’s our duty to provide you with superb service and lush accommodations without sacrificing the natural world around us. We have partnered with EcoBase Certified in order to reduce our environmental impact and have a positive influence on our community.

    Predator Ridge Resort

  • We were excited to find a program that aides us in achieving our goals in reducing our carbon footprint on our planet. We look forward to implementing more energy efficient initiatives at our property through this program.

    Centro Motel

  •  We are an environmentally-focused market offering local, organic and unique eco-friendly products. Becoming ecobase Certified was a natural fit for us because we were looking for a way to measure and reduce our carbon footprint and have an even bigger impact on the community we are living in.

    Sarah Coffey, Unless Market

  • We are so excited to be part of the ecobase Certified program. We like to be industry leaders in sustainability and with this program we can achieve our sustainability goals faster. I can’t wait to put a solar PV array on our roof!

    Greg Salloum, Owner, Best Western PLUS Kelowna Hotel & Suites

  • “As a company, we care about our impact on the environment and want to continue making strides towards our goal of reducing our carbon. As supply chains become more entwined, our customers want to have a chance to create positive change, being a part of ecobase certified gives Mills & its customers a perfect opportunity to engage in conversations that go beyond our businesses and focus on how we can conserve our planet together.”

    Michelle Reid, Sustainability Czar, Mills Office Productivity

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