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Here are just some of the many benefits of becoming an ecobase Certified Business:

  1. Extra Money: Generate thousands of dollars in an eco-fund each year. Invest in cost-saving green projects that reduce energy and fuel bills as well as environmental impact and carbon footprint.
  2. Expert Guidance: Our carbon software and expert advisors will help your business transition into a fully-functional green team. We’ll show you how to select the best projects to reduce your emissions and generate the greatest savings and returns.
  3. Brand Lift: Gain use of the ecobase Certified logo and branding materials to help tell your green story as a certified green business; build credibility with customers, employees and other stakeholders, as you continue to measure and reduce your environmental impacts based on international standards.

With no upfront costs, it is easier than ever to get started on your green business journey, or to take your efforts to the next mile if you are already well on your way.

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