Green Rating Boost

Does your hotel or resort already participate in green programs such as Green Tourism, Green Key or Trip Advisor’s Green Leaders program?

Do you want to take your green actions to the next level and also save thousands of dollars on energy, waste and water bills, all at no cost?

ecobase Certified helps hotels, resorts and other accommodation providers to generate tens of thousands of dollars in an eco-fund to  invest in meaningful projects that will reduce your costs and carbon footprint while helping to tell a credible green story to your guests.

Join our growing list of certified green hotels as we launch our program throughout Canada and the United States. The program is open to all types of accommodation providers seeking to be recognized as a sustainable tourism destination.

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Transforming Accommodations

We’re dedicated to helping you implement multiple energy and cost saving programs.

ecobase Certified project initiatives for accommodations can include:

  • Retrofit your incandescent and old fluorescent lights and fixtures with high efficiency LED technology.
  • Install motion sensors, occupancy sensors, photo sensors, etc., to control lighting, heating and cooling.
  • Install low-flow fixtures.
  • Upgrade to the most energy efficient boilers and HVAC systems for hot water and space heating.
  • Improve your building envelope by upgrading windows, doors and insulation factors.

Once the majority of these energy efficiency projects have been accomplished, we can help you to consider solar technologies, compactors, composting solutions and other projects to continue reducing your carbon footprint and costs.

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“Sustainability will become a defining issue for the industry in 2015 and beyond.” – Deloitte, Hospitality 2015

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