Becoming an ecobase Certified business is simple.

  1. After an initial program set up call, we will assign an expert advisor to help you select the best projects to reduce your emissions and save money on energy, waste and water. Our advisor will also provide assistance in applying for rebates, and identifying potential contractors and suppliers.


  2. We provide high quality marketing materials, including the ecobase Certified logo (for print, display or website use), to demonstrate to customers both your participation in the program and to thank them for supporting environmentally responsible business practices.


  3. Starting on your program launch date, a 1% eco fee will be applied to all customer transactions. Our team will offer guidance on how best to set this up for your particular business. We will provide training for your staff, ensuring all employees will be empowered to respond to customer inquiries. Similar programs have received excellent customer feedback:

    “Our customer participation rate is very high.”

    “Guests are willing and happy to pay.”

    “Our customers love it.”


  4. Each month collected and remitted eco fees will be used to build your eco-fund. Annually, emissions data, such as electricity, natural gas, waste and paper consumption and costs will be remitted. This will in turn calculate your carbon footprint as well as the savings you have accumulated. We manage all of this on your behalf, providing the third party credibility customers are looking for.


  5. Once you have completed your carbon reduction, energy-saving project, your eco-fund is released to cover the costs. We can also help you with green financing options that will enable your business to tackle larger projects and start saving faster.

The process is akin to having your own grant program to fund energy efficiency, fuel efficiency and waste reduction projects, that reduce emissions at the same time.

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