Stop allowing money and customers to walk out the door! Restaurants can save thousands on lighting, hot water, refrigeration and waste. Customers want to know what you’re doing to encourage sustainability. We can help you show them! Learn more about our dedication to helping the food service industry.

Is your restaurant, pub or café currently demonstrating environmental awareness and conservation… like serving locally-grown food? Or using compostable take-out containers?

Would you like to do more to become a sustainable restaurant, such as reducing the use of natural gas, electricity, water and production of organic waste?

ecobase Certified helps restaurants generate thousands of dollars to invest in such initiatives, while helping meet the growing consumer demand for responsible green business.

Join our growing list of certified green food service providers in British Columbia (including Kelowna and Calgary), as we continue to grow throughout North America. The program is open to all types of food service providers seeking to increase sustainability.

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Transforming Food Service Businesses

We’re dedicated to empowering your green team by implementing multiple energy and cost saving programs.
ecobase Certified project initiatives for food service businesses:

  • Retrofit your incandescent and old fluorescent lights and fixtures with high efficiency LED technology.
  • Install motion sensors, occupancy sensors, photo sensors, etc., to control lighting, heating and cooling.
  • Install low-flow faucets, spray valves and water-efficient dishwashers.
  • Install high efficiency refrigeration and freezer units.
  • Energy-efficient upgrades on hot water tanks.
  • Purchase and install on-site organic waste composting systems that can reduce organic waste volume by up to 80%.

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“Sustainability will become a defining issue for the industry in 2015 and beyond.” – Deloitte, Hospitality 2015

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