11 BC Businesses Going Green

11 BC Businesses Going Green

BC has been leading the sustainability front in Canada with its keen focus on shifting business and government towards more environmentally friendly practices. BC is one of three provinces to implement a tax on carbon for a means of fighting climate change, with Vancouver being considered one of the greenest cities in the world. With the rise in popularity of eco-tourism, green industry and businesses to help address climate change, the private sector has begun to go green and cut carbon for the many benefits they offer.

Here are 11 BC businesses going green.

Outer Shores

Outer Shores is a sailing tourism company, giving sustainable tours of the British Columbia coastlines. Passionate and driven to contributing to the conservation of the Great Bear Rainforest, it was awarded with the Transat AT Sustainable Tourism Award in the fall of 2015.

Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium has made serious commitments to conservation and research as a major platform to their mission. It’s the first Gold LEED Certified zoo or aquarium anywhere in the world, and has received Gold accreditation from Green Tourism Canada.

Eclipse Awards

Eclipse Awards is a company helping to create plaques and awards for businesses, and is based out of Vancouver. In 2014 it won Best Green Business at Small Business BC annual gala, from 5 nominations. Here is a list of their social responsibility commitments they’ve made.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Capilano Suspension Bridge is a famous tourist attraction in Vancouver stretching over 140 meters in length. They’ve made it clear to their customers that they understand their stewardship for the environment. Some of their goals are; a long-term goal towards carbon neutrality. They have planted over 2000 trees/shrubs amongst several others initiatives.

Ethical Bean

Ethical Bean strives on their mission to distribute and source fair trade coffee beans, to help sustainable practices, while helping farmers and give consumers a better taste. Ethical Bean is also a certified organic food processor, meaning along with buying and roasting only organic beans, packaging, cleaning and maintenance is also recognized and certified organic by Canadian Organic Regime.

Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Summerhill is an organic winery located in the Okanagan region, with commitment to creating great wine through compost and sustainable agriculture. Learn their story here, of traditional vineyards and importance for sustainability.

Best Western PLUS Kelowna Hotel and Suites

The Best Western PLUS Kelowna Hotel and Suites has been called the Okanagan’s greenest hotel, and has won numerous awards backing this claim up. The hotel has a new environmental wing that is certified LEED Silver,. Besides using renewable energy such as geothermal and solar, the hotel has several electric vehicle charging stations, and plenty of other notable green initiatives and policies. See their green page here.

Clover Earthkind Hair Salon

Clover has a mission statement centered on sustainable practices, and has attracted and built a strong customer base as a result. Clover recycles/diverts an outstanding 99% of its solid waste stream and only creates 1.3 kg of garbage waste annually. Clover majority of products are all organic and non animal tested, which is an exceptional achievement in the fashion industry.

Strathcona Park Lodge and Outdoor Education Centre

This thriving organization is located within the boundaries of Strathcona Provincial Park and right along Campbell Lake. With resting in the heart of true BC nature, Strathcona Park Lodge works hard for conservation of the environment. Including a Pelton wheel used for generating hydroelectricity along with several other green stewardships.

Pemberton Valley Lodge

Pemberton Valley Lodge is a beautiful lodge in Pemberton with significant initiatives to be sustainable. In 2012, it won the best green business from Small Business BC for their efforts of sourcing products locally, using eco-friendly cleaning supplies and using Bullfrog Power.

Organic Ocean

Organic Ocean is an independent fishery focused on sustainable extraction without over exploitation of seafood. Organic Ocean is a great alternative for environmentally conscious customers. The Chef’s Table Society also named Organic Ocean the best Producer/Supplier of the year.

All of these companies have gained respect and appreciation for the environmental initiatives from their customers and environmental social movements and activists. With an incredible amount of inexpensive and effective options for businesses to decrease their carbon footprint and protect the environment, it may be time to shift your business in these kinds of directions towards a greener future.


Matt Hussey Ecobase Certified 

Written By Matt Hussey

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