Why Companies are Investing in Renewable Energy

Why Companies are Investing in Renewable Energy

In order to reduce (or eliminate) the increasing costs of electricity for small to medium sized businesses, investing in renewable energy could be a great option for business owners.

Investing in renewable energy helps lower pollution levels, protect the environment and in some cases can be cheaper than sticking with conventional energy. Solar panel installation, bio-fuel production, solar hot water systems and independent power storage are the growing trend of businesses using renewable energy.

Businesses investing in renewable energy

It will also drastically cut your businesses carbon emissions. Ikea has committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2020 as part of the RE100 pledge. Microsoft invests in renewable energy credits to nurture this growing renewables industry by lowering the price of wind and solar and promote the use of clean power. Their competitors, Apple, have taken this one step further to not only ensure every Apple facility is using 100% renewable energy, they have developed their own micro-hydro project in the USA and built a solar farm in China. An increasing number of businesses also have installed renewable energy equipment on their own properties (like this hotel in BC) to generate power on their site.

The benefits to installing renewable energy

There are several benefits to incorporating renewable energy into your operational system.

  • Energy costs are substantially reduced (you are generating your own power, not paying to import it)
  • Consulting an energy expert can be an essential for the hotel manager to create a cost effective investment
  • Hotel guests feel good about choosing to stay with a hotel that uses renewable energy because it makes them feel like they are contributing to helping the environment as well
  • Customers are willing to pay a small fee to support businesses that are actively reducing their carbon footprint

Renewable energy isn’t right for everyone

Is your property suitable for installing a renewable energy system? This is something to consider, depending on the type of renewable energy you are looking into. Is there a decent amount of wind, sunlight or adequate space and opportunity for geothermal? Is there a way to create your own micro hydro power generation? An energy advisor can help you figure this out, and if these projects aren’t feasible, you can purchase renewable energy credits to support such projects thereby reducing your carbon footprint.

How can I possibly afford renewable energy?

You may be thinking that there is a huge cost to installing renewable energy like solar panels or wind generation, and that looking into such a project is unimaginable. But, by using the last point in the benefits above, there is a program where customers help you generate an eco fund to invest in reducing your own carbon footprint. And with the help of an energy advisor, you could be on your way to getting quotes for a solar array before you know it.


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