7 Innovative Ways to Cut Carbon in Your Business

7 Innovative Ways to Cut Carbon in Your Business

Many businesses have already put great emphasis on controlling and maintaining their carbon footprint as a form of social responsibility. At the same time, they are receiving business growth from the popularity from consumers. Carbon emissions are created by nearly any use of energy, and controlling these emissions can give your business a number of ways to cut its carbon footprint. Political and economic constraints are now forcing businesses to adapt by focusing on being an environmentally friendly business. Not to mention something that your customers are asking for. Seriously, 71% of your customers are asking for it. So to make it easier for your business, here are seven innovative ways to cut carbon from your business.

  1. Give Your Workplace an Energy Makeover

Updating a workplace can have an upfront cost but an even greater return on your investment later on. Businesses have been able to achieve savings of 25% by modifying their workplace. This can be as simple as buying heat efficient curtains, switching to LED or CFL light bulbs, and more!

  1. Unplug

A simple task like unplugging daily devices at the end of workdays or before weekends can save a significant amount of energy. Not to mention it’ll lower your energy bill too. Studies say that up to 5 to 10 percent of energy from a bill is accounted for devices plugged in for 24-hour periods. The majority of these devices are TV’s, desktop computers, and WIFI.

  1. Meatless Mondays

One third of carbon emissions come from the global food system! Convincing employees to cut meat out of their lunch can be a surprisingly easy task. Providing recognition of social responsibility and using incentives for employees make great motivators. A great example could be gift certificates to local food markets and could even encourage your employees to go further than just meatless Monday lunches.

  1. Homeworking

It can be tough for managers and supervisors to allow employees to work at home, but your employees and the planet will love it! For employees to work at home has never been easier. Transfer of data through the Internet has allowed the opportunity for enormous files to be transferred through the Internet. Not to mention what your business can save. Studies show the UK could save £3 billion in costs and reduce emissions by three million tonnes per year by allowing employees to work from home!

  1. Encourage Alternative Ways to Work

Often you won’t be able to allow your employees to work from home everyday but that doesn’t mean that they have to be taking their car to work. Whether its public transportation, biking or ridesharing with a fellow employee, the number of ways to transporting to work is both practical and easy for most workers.

  1. Layer Up

Heating or air-conditioning buildings uses lots of energy and more then what could be needed. Putting on an extra layer and lowering your thermostat from the standard 70 degrees makes a big difference! For every degree you lower, it can bring down your heating costs by 5%!

  1. Track Your Progress

It’s important your business measures your carbon footprint and tracks your progress, in order for it to have better understanding of past, current and future carbon emissions. Know what your business is doing right, and what else needs to be done. Plenty of local energy utilities do free energy consultations. Check out BC Hydro’s here.

These changes will help your business cut carbon emissions and ultimately help identify your business as a green one. Most importantly, your business can make operational efficiency changes today to see instant cost savings from wasteful energy uses. Buildings are poorly designed for energy efficiency and with energy prices rise, it is incredibly important to modify workplaces and buildings. Motivate your employees and workplace to engage in social justice actions and help create a work environment that helps reflect the environment we wish to have outside of it.


Matt Hussey Ecobase Certified


By Matt Hussey

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