Environmentally Friendly Services

ecobase Certified helps businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and save thousands of dollars in energy, waste and water, all at no cost.

Did you know that the average business in North America wastes $10,000 to $25,000 each year due to a lack of energy efficiency? At the same time climate change threatens businesses, communities, people, ecosystems and economies around the globe.

Research shows that by investing in green initiatives, businesses can improve profits by 51% to 81%, within just three to five years. Further, economists have demonstrated that if just 1% of GDP was invested in tackling climate change, carbon emissions could be reduced to safe levels. ecobase Certified provides such a solution by enabling businesses to generate and invest 1% of their revenues into offering more environmentally friendly services and experiences, while working towards meaningful carbon reductions.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

ecobase Certified generates an eco-fund for businesses to invest in projects that reduce their carbon footprint, while simultaneously reducing energy, water and waste costs. We provide third party credibility and green certification to all types of businesses including restaurants, hotels, retailers and other businesses. Our expert team provides green business advice to help businesses make the best choices about where to invest their eco-funds. This way, businesses can meet the growing consumer demand for responsible business.

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