Track Carbon-Reduction

Our carbon software (based on international GHG accounting standards) is designed for measuring and reporting on carbon. ecobase Certified helps businesses to calculate their progress toward carbon-reduction goals and track positive environmental impact. For many businesses this can be as simple as tracking natural gas and electricity consumption, or may also include fuel, waste and other sources of emissions.

The World Resources Institute (WRI) standard for measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions is called the GHG Protocol. The ecobase Certified cloud-based carbon accounting software simplifies the GHG protocol and makes it easy for businesses to input data from their utility bills and other sources. They can then successfully track and measure consumption, costs and carbon; with the ability to compare progress to carbon-reduction goals.

Sustainability Goals

We help businesses to set their carbon reduction goals in alignment with the WRI’s “Mind the Science, Mind the Gap” initiative. This means establishing targets based on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), decarbonisation pathway, intended to keep global temperature rise below 2 °C.

Cost Efficiency

ecobase Certified can help businesses measure the intensity of their emissions based on indicators relevant to them, including performance-metrics such as gross revenues, room nights, customers, operating hours, etc. 

This information can help businesses to track reductions in costs from investments in carbon reduction projects. It can also enable them to calculate potential Return on Investment (ROI) of carbon reduction projects that they might be considering, thus helping to prioritize and select the best projects.

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